it's what's for dinner...

salad. a really, really big salad. three kinds of lettuce, a grated carrot, a little shredded red cabbage, vadalia onion, a few slices of turkey pepperoni, some chunks of skim milk mozzerella, home made croutons, fresh ground black and white pepper, some lemon zest, a spritz of extra virgin olive oil, some lemon juice and a few black olives. i love salad. next time i make one like that, i'll take a picture of it, just so you can see what you're missing.

i'm hoping we get nailed by the ice/sleet/snow storm that is lurking on our doorstep. it's supposed to start sometime tomorrow, it would be nice to sneak in a snow day for monday. i slogged to work through the last one we had a week ago and spent the day cleaning up and doing stuff just to kill time. i'd rather burn a vacation day and curl up in front of the stove with a book, some snacks and a bottle of dewar's. the hardest thing to overcome is these situations is my built in work ethic, courtesy of my parents. not a bad thing, no, not at all, it's just that i'd like to put it away once in a while without feeling like some sort of common criminal. oh, well, i guess we'll see what happens, huh?

on a lighter note, i've started a regular exercise regimen again and, coupled with a decreased caloric intake and increased protein intake, i've lost five pounds in the last five days. if i can keep up that rate of loss, i'm going to lean and mean by memorial day. well, lean, anyway. i have a four pack of boddington's creme ale sitting all lonely and forlorn looking in the icebox. i'm going to reward myself with a pint for each ten pounds i lose. that means i have to lose forty pounds in order to enjoy that last pint. i don't think that's an unrealistic goal over the next three months, do you?

well, i need to go fold my laundry and make a shopping list for the morning. i bid thee good 'eve, my fellow wanderers... fare thee well.

wander with me...



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