I've been hovering within four pounds of hitting my next ten pound weight loss for two days now. I've dropped over two inches in my waist size and my stomach has receded to the point where I think I might be able to see my dick again one of these days, but I just can't move that four pounds. I'm wondering if I'm losing fat weight, but replacing it with muscle weight? Maybe I'm working out with the weights too much, too often? I hate to cut back, as I'm in the routine now and start jonesing for them every afternoon and can't wait until I get home to lift. I've cut it back to every other day already, I don't want to cut it back any more. If anyone out there has any ideas, let me know. Here's what I'm doing on a regular basis -
1. riding the stationary bike five miles every other day, during which I get in a good fifteen minute sprint with the resistance set pretty high.
2. fifty crunches every day, followed by light weight dumbbell (no comments, please) toning work.
3. a good forty minutes with the free weights every other day, around fifty pounds only, so I can do long sets of many reps of specific upper body stuff.
4. I try to walk a half hour or more as often as possible during the day at work, it seems to be averaging three days a week.
I carry the bike, crunches and weights through the weekend, maybe I should take one day off?
I'm sucking down proteins like crazy to feed all of this, and have upped my carb intake a little bit as well, just for the energy. I'm not feeling hungry at any time during the day or night, especially I'm not waking up with a pit in my stomach, so my intake of fuel is pretty well balanced, I think.
Suggestions, anyone? Anyone..? Bueller..?

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