it's Emeril LaGothy..!

Can I be more boring..? Once again, the dining hall of Stately Sad Old Goth Manor is favored with... MEATLOAF!!! Equal portions of ground pork, veal and beef, some Slow Death hot sauce, an egg, some salt and pepper, an egg and breadcrumbs. Coated with Dijon mustard, with caraway seeds sprinkled on top. Roasted potatoes and steamed mixed vegetables. It's cheap, easy and full of protein. And, it's good, in spite of being ordinary. I already have next Sunday's menu set; Fresh chicken breasts with apple stuffing, fresh peas and a tomato and mozzarella salad. Or, maybe a Shepard's pie, haven't made one of those in ages...
Gotta run, I'll be back later with another Love Story For Sunday. By the way, check out the comment by Sven on last Sunday's post. Beautiful little slice of life. Thanks, Sven.
Later, fellow wanderers.

wander with me...



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