it's Martini night...

at Stately Sad Old Goth Manor... which, actually, is nothing special, since almost every night is Martini night around this grim old pile. Occasionally I break down and raid the cellar for a choice bottle of the grape, or, when feeling especially provincial, a few jars of Guinness or some seasonal ale. Knowing this, and not knowing me, one might perceive me as a bit of a lush, but, having been a slave to spirits in the past, I've passed that point and, as is my way, I can still enjoy the fruit of the vine or the vat or cask without falling prey to the need. I do not have an addictive personality, but I have been known to need a crutch now and then in my younger days, so, with other ways to keep things in perspective, I've not had to completely fore go my tempered forays into drink. While I will not pronounce it as something that anyone should attempt, it has been my experience that the occasional bender, in the right circumstances, has a most cathartic effect upon one's soul and, Bast knows, I have a soul that needs the occasional cleaning. Setting one's mind free once in a while, or at least immersing it in a mildly alcoholic solution, certainly beats knocking one's head against the wall... although the therapeutic value of that exercise has been know to work wonders for some... well, enough of this.
The first "i hate your blog" award has been most graciously accepted by it's recipient, I thank you. I am deeply honored. Really. When I compare the blogs I read on a regular basis to this most sordid and sullen effort of my own, I am constantly in awe of the talent, the humor, the intelligence and insight that is offered for the having. I am constantly in awe other's blogs and they serve me not only to entertain and to learn, but to comfort me in knowing that I live in an age where so many can so freely share what they know and love, and are so willing to put forth that in so many eloquent ways. Humbling, indeed. I thank you all, especially those who occasionally visit here to see what the current mess I call a life is in.
So, on that note, I shall take my leave, as the evenings repast is almost ready and I've never been one to turn down one of Mrs. SOG's French Dressing and pepper marinated grilled chicken breast dinners. It will be served tonight with a Waldorf Salad and the last of the 2003 Martin Fierro Cabernet. Life is so very good.
Have a wonderful evening, my fellow wanders... fare thee well.

wander with me...



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