you know, it's so much fun to read this stuff in the news every day that I thought it might be fun to share with you those members of American society who, for some reason that my meager mind can't fathom, find it to be just fine to cavort with our sworn enemies, leaders of oppressive societies and undermine the very foundations of Democracy and freedom, sucking up to them, stroking them and rolling over to accommodate their blatant desires to see America fall and bolster their plans to impose their wills on the free people of the world. Perhaps, just perhaps, if by spreading the word about these traitorous ne'er do wells and keeping the public at large informed about their dirty dealings, maybe a few of them will wake up and see these treasonous persons for who and what they really are. I can only hope...
Tonight, I give you Sean Penn. You remember him, don't you? Perhaps you remember how skilled he is at bailing out rowboats, as in his ill fated publicity stunt after hurricane Katrina...

Well, not satisfied to be splashing around in front of the cameras in New Orleans, he is now, right now, chumming it up with his pal Hugo Chavez, that crazy old Hugo, Socialist Dictator of Venezuela... you know him, don't you. He recently shut down several television stations and other media outlets that didn't agree with his politics and is running a police state that, if he were still alive, Perone would hold up as a shining model for Argentina. Doesn't it just boggle your mind that someone who has profited by living in a society that allows him to speak his mind, which is fine with me, can travel to a country led by someone who would like to see America fall, someone who suppresses the very freedoms that Mr. Penn enjoys in America, and while he's there, trash the very country that has made him rich and, I suppose in certain circles, famous? It certainly makes me want to reach for the Preparation-H.
Maybe he'll stay down there, if he loves it so much. I hope he does. He doesn't deserve to be an American.

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