do we really need...

a Shrek Christmas special? What the fuck does Shrek have to do with Christmas, other than to thrust in the face of consumers the idea that they'll go out and buy a Shrek DVD to make up for the failure of the last movie in the franchise to make any money? It's being advertised as "an instant classic", which is an oxymoron; a classic is something that has been honed over the years to be a part of tradition and something that is loved for the memories it invokes, not because it's trendy or different. The Rankin and Bass version of Rudolph is a classic, as is How The Grinch Stole Christmas and A Charlie Brown Christmas. They've endured the test of years. A Charlie Brown Christmas has been around for forty two years, Rudolph for forty one. Will Shrek endure that test? I doubt it. A half-hour commercial is not an "instant classic", it's just a half-hour commercial.
I'm going to watch The Grinch now. Bah fucking humbug...

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