it took a day for me to dredge up the enthusiasm to do it, but the Fred! links in the sidebar are all gone, just like our hopes of having a President who would, at the very least, try to preserve what's left of this great nation of ours. Although I wasn't too sure about his campaign strategies, I assumed he had a plan, which, I believe, he did. He was counting on the citizens of the United States of America to wake up, to open their eyes, face the mounting problems at home and abroad and take a chance that he was the man to put things back on track. And, having said that, I can't blame the great unwashed of this nation entirely for this situation; they've been fed and coddled and taught to believe that sauce is more important than substance. They've been trained to put out their hands to have them filled by the mother state, rather than picking up the tools of hard work and fulfilling their own needs. They've been suckered by schemes and lies so grandiose, that even P.T. Barnum would blush at how they've been huckstered. There's nothing poetic about this particular end, other than to say that it is the end. I haven't many good hopes for our future right now. There isn't one candidate in the lot of them that's worth a tinker's dam. This might be the first time I don't vote in thirty six years. I just don't know right now.
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