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Primary voting is tomorrow. As usual, I will be first in line at the local middle school exercising what I consider to be one of the most sacred privileges afforded citizens of The United States. My hand will be guided not just by my desire for one particular candidate, but by the hands of those who founded this great nation, those who have paid dearly to defend that privilege and by the hand of those not yet born, who, more than we who live in this moment, deserve our wisest and most sincere decision. I will proudly make my choice in honor of all of those and I hope you will do the same. Choose carefully. Choose wisely. I would hope that all of you choose for the same person that I shall in the morning, but, for whomever you choose, do so for the right reasons. Put aside the rhetoric, the promises and the fears. Spend an hour giving this your most able thought tonight instead of spending that hour sitting in front of the idiot box. Not only know who you will be voting for, but why. I think this election will chart the course of the future of a free and safe America for generations to come, do not make your choice lightly. Do not vote for someone because they share your dislike for the current administration, vote for someone who can do better. Do not vote for "change", vote for the need to remain steadfast in our resolve. Those who came before us and those who are yet to come deserve nothing less. The future is in the balance; we are not the lever of that balance, we are the fulcrum, it is upon us that the balance depends. We are the now, but hold tomorrow in our choices tomorrow and in November. I have the utmost faith that I will be making the correct decision. Not the right decision, but the correct one. Take not lightly the task that stands before you. Please.
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