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I just want to pass on to you something that someone at the polling place said this morning. I was the first in line to vote, since it’s only about a mile from my house and on the way to work and as the lady was thumbing through the sign-in book looking for my name she offhandedly said,
“Looks like everyone’s a Republican”.
That made me take notice of the pages as she was flipping through them and she was right; there were many more registered Republicans than Democrats that I could see and that little voice in my head, with it’s best Arty Johnson imitation said… “Very interesting…”
I’ve always considered myself (and Mrs. SOG, for that matter), to be a lone voice in the political forest around here, as, you know, every time the subject comes up in conversation with friends and acquaintances, it seems that we’re surrounded by Libs and moonbats. I’m now starting to wonder if this is the result of the hit our town took on 9/11? We lost eleven residents, ten in the towers and one in a field in Pennsylvania.
I’m going to keep a close watch on my district results tonight, just to satisfy my curiosity.

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