sorry for the lack of posting...

i'm a little under the weather these days. actually a lot under the weather. i've been undergoing tests for the past few weeks to try and find the source of some pretty scary symptoms that have been plaguing me for the past year and have increased in severity over the past few months to the point where they've been effecting me psychologically as well as physically. i'll be more specific once i find something out, which i hope will be soon, as they're running out of tests to do and i'm starting to run out of my usual deep well of stoicism and my super-human ability to endure pain is starting to run thin. stay tuned.
in the mean time, i'm going to be picking away at doing some house cleaning and template changing around here. it will probably start looking worse before it gets better, unless anyone out there wants to design me a killer template that will work with the new blogger...
i'll see y'all later.

wander with me...



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