The Friday Random Ten...

Ellison is back from the land of Godzilla and Hello Kitty... but this was so much fun last week, I figured I'd do it one more time until he's over that whole time zone thing. Hope you don't mind, Ellison!

1. Six Underground - Sneaker Pimps
2. Panic in Detroit - Christian Death (from the Goth Oddity CD, a goth tribute to David Bowie).
3. Do You Love Me Now? - The Breeders
4. Max Ernst's Dream - Mission of Burma
5. Falling - Shellyz Raven
6. everyone will eventually leave you - Soul Whirling Somewhere
7. The Return of Nothing - Lycia
8. Kronkronhinko - Ayub Ogada
9. Swastika Girls - Fripp and Eno
10. Blue Chicago Moon - Songs: Ohia

On a lighter note, I'm taking the night off from digging, chopping out roots and hauling sod to fill in the low spots on the grounds. I need a break. I've got a four-pack of Guinness Stout, a pack of Winston's and the Sixers play again tonight. I can pick up the outdoor projects again tomorrow.
Have a good one, my fellow wanderers...

wander with me...



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