it's become habit...

on Friday night when I get home from work, to sit down, web surf and listen to my i-Pod on shuffle play and try to unwind. I've also been posting the first ten songs that it plays in the comments over at Ellison's place, in his usual Friday Random Ten post... tonight the funny little musical box seems to know that I'm in a darker than usual mood, for here is what it chose for me to listen to...

The Host of Seraphim - Dead Can Dance
April - Chapterhouse
Voice In The Wind - Gandalf
Clown - Switchblade Symphony
Einhangen Und Positiver - Couch
But I'm Not - Cocteau Twins
Sound Of Waves - Love Spirals Downward
Look At That Girl - Htrk
So Clever - Lucia
Taxi To Core - Tindersticks

I guess I'll just go with it, it's the perfect sort of mix for a lonely, cloudy early spring evening...

wander with me...



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