he must be recovering...

from playing golf, so I'll kick off Friday with my Random Ten...

1. Riverman - David Sylvian & Robert Fripp / A New Dream.
2. The Vision Of The Lady In The Lake - The Strawbs / Dragonfly
3. Gotta Get Away - Ju Par Universal Orchestra / Moods & Grooves
4. Out Of Town - The RH Factor / Hard Groove
5. Outside The Law - Epitaph / Outside The Law
6. Mother - The Police / Synchronicity (Their most King Crimson song!)
7. Gracie Lyons - Elysian Fields / Bleed Your Cedar
8. I Will Never Write An Obligatory Song About Being On The Road And Missing Someone - Say Anything / ...Is A Real Boy
9. Rose Hip November - Vashti Bunyan / Just Another Diamond Day
10. There's A Woman - Sapphire Thinkers / From Within

Just another eclectic night of music here at Stately Sad Old Goth Manor...
Oh, blogging is going to be light for the next week, except for the usual Saturday Goth Girl post and any bold and interesting news that might crop up, as I'm starting to gut the living room tonight. The leak in the gutter was worse then we thought, I not only need to gut the front living room and upstairs bedroom wall, the sheathing on the living room floor is also damaged... nothing is easy, especially living in this grim old pile of a house. I was going to do the room anyway, I guess it will be new from top to bottom now.
Have a swell evening, my fellow wanderers...

wander with me...



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