One of the reasons I've not been posting anything lately, aside from the forced labor remodeling project here at Stalag SOG ever delightful remodeling project at Stately Sad Old Goth Manor, is that my home internet access has been down on a regular basis. It has finally been repaired, not by one, but two cable company technicians, who spent over an hour at my house last night, replacing all the outside connectors, from the pole across the street to the box on the outside of the house and reconfiguring my digital access and my wireless router so it doesn't interfere with my modem, since it's located within three parsecs of it and signal feedback seems to be a problem. This information is not made privy to anyone who buys a router, nor is the fact that the default wireless channel six is the worst possible channel to use, since it amplifies the interference effect... one of the techs showed me how to hack the router software and change the channels and test the signal. I now have (fingers crossed...) a constantly functioning modem and a super crisp picture on the new H-D idiot box. They were also nice enough to test all the other connections in the house and give me recommendations for upgrading my cables and connections for optimum viewing in the kitchen and upstairs rooms. This is the third visit from the cable company in the past year for the same problems, but these guys knew their stuff and put things right, so now I can jump on here during the odd moment I might find in between carpentry/painting/flooring tasks and regale you with my rapier like wit... not that I usually have anything to say worth reading, but I try.
Work on the living room progresses slowly, I'm almost ready to start work on the infill between the ceiling beams and get that mess out of the way so I can paint the walls and start the trim work. Then it's time to build the in-wall bookcase over the mantle and the mantle itself, rehang the door so it swings the other way into the room, paint the window sash and door, then start putting in the flooring. Oh, and hang the TV on the wall. And build the shelves that are going to run around the entire room about a foot down from the ceiling to hold some of our books so we don't have to have bookcases all over the room again. We're trying to keep the floor and walls as open as possible, just a sofa, some chairs and tables and some sort of low cabinet under the TV to hold all the electronic and sound system.
So, there you go.

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