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I went out today and bought forty 2x4s, with the intention of ripping them into 2x2 furring strips so I could start on the living room ceiling. I pulled out the ripping blade for my table saw and decided that it had been sharpened at least two times too many, so I went back out to get a new one. They don't make them to fit my table saw anymore. It has an 8" blade. All the new table saws have either 10" or 12" blades. I can use a circular saw blade that's 7 1/4" in diameter, I guess, but all the blades have a knockout in the arbor, and I'm leery of it deciding to come apart if I hit a good knot or if it binds up a bit. Anyone have any experience with using a circular saw blade in a table saw?
So, since I couldn't do that, I decided to play lumberjack. I took down a fifteen foot tall Catawba tree, a twelve foot red cedar and a horribly overgrown lilac bush. Not a lot of fun, but I needed to eliminate some of the shade over my new hedging plants. I have two thirty foot poplars and an equally tall Catawba that still need to come down, but I'm calling in an arborist to take care of those. They're too big and too close to The Manor for amateur mistakes. I found a guy that will take them down for less than a thousand, which is pretty cheap and well worth the price just to make sure I don't dent the house.
Some nice steaks, marinated in soy and cracked pepper, for dinner tonight, along with some fresh corn from the farmer down the road, and some homemade potato salad. I think I'll enjoy some Peroni with it.
It promises to be a wonderful evening, perhaps an after dinner fire is in order.
Have a good one, my fellow wanderers. Fare thee well.

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