like I don't have enough to do...

I've decided to open up another blog, solely dedicated to my attempts at gardening and other matters of concern regarding the grounds of Stately Sad Old Goth Manor, and other forays into things growing and green and wonderful. It is a side of me that I touch upon once in a while here, but as I'm getting longer in the tooth, it's becoming apparent that it means more to me than I've realized for a long time and it's important enough to share. I'm not a master gardener. I inherited only a small portion of my parents abilities when it comes to nurturing and caring for plants, but I've inherited all their love for things that grow and then some. Having my hands in the dirt makes me happy in a different way than when I work with wood. I think it's to do with tending living things, rather than working something that was once alive and now can come to life again only by my hand. It's the difference in being part of something and being apart from something. I'm babbling here, aren't I? Sorry.
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