well, now, ye scurvy knaves, it be Talk Like A Pirate Day... did ye be thinkin' I'd be forgettin' that? Pirates be the only folks that might wear flashier togs then goths...
ahem... ok, that was hurting my throat. I've always loved pirate stories and movies. Treasure Island, with those grand illustrations by Wyeth;

Captain Blood, with Errol Flynn;

my favorite Our Gang short, "Shiver Me Timbers" with the classic exchange between Stymie and the great Billy Gilbert, who plays the captain of the ship on which the gang wants to be pirates -

Stymie: "Hey, Captain... Can I has a cutlass?"
Captain: "Why sure! What kind of cutlass would you like?"
Stymie: "I wants a veal cutlass..."

And, of course, no mention of pirates would be complete without the over the top performance of Mr. Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow...
Well, me hearties, me stomach is growlin' louder than a keel on a reef, it's time for me to go raid the galley and maybe have a jar of grog or two.
Have ye a wonderful evn', me mates. Keep an eye to the weather and fare thee well...

wander with me...



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