I give up...

last night's "debate" was the portend of the downward spiral into Obama hell. I really had my hopes up that Palin was going to, at the very least, lay the ground work for McCain to crucify the Democrats for the so called "financial crisis" that started back in the day of Jimmy Carter and his ilk. Instead, she pansied out and let Bush take it on the chin once again.

I'm tired of hearing about what a "maverick" Candy McCain is and what a wonderful American Mom she is and I'm full, right up to here, with "gosh darn", "you betcha" and "oh, ya". Neither she nor McCain have the hair to stand up to the left. If they don't want to get their hands dirty clawing away at the truths behind Obama, then just roll over now, why wait for November? Let's get on with the Coronation of King Uppity The First and spend the next four years helping Mitt or Tancredo get ready for '12. Either that or ball's up and get it done. This isn't the apple pie baking contest at the county fair, this is the fate of America we're dealing with here.

I'm sick of the whole thing. McCain and Palin are really going to have to show me something over the next four weeks to make me feel like I'm doing something positive by voting for them, which I am, come hell or high water, not because I'm in love with them, but because of how much I hate Obama.

I don't want to feel all warm and fuzzy. I want truth and action. I want fire and brimstone. I want claws and teeth. Keep the fucking lipstick.
If McCain's such a maverick, then he should start acting like one.
If you really want to win, Johnny, then force Obama to lay his dick out on the table and hand out the hammers... Make him tell the truth about who he is, who's behind him and what he really stands for. Right. I won't be holding my breath. I don't look good in blue.

wander with me...



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