just another Saturday in Goddamn, Goddamn...

I'm tired. And disgusted. In the past eight months, the United States Congress has dipped into our pocket for over one and a half thousand billion dollars. That was to cover the current bailout fiasco, before that, three hundred sixty five billion dollars shelled out to cover bad mortgage paper and the rest was taken out of your pocket then handed back to you under the guise of an economic stimulus payout. I wrote emails, made phone calls to my state representatives, asking them not to vote for this package. Did you? Oh, you didn't? Well, then fuck you and you deserve what you let happen. Thanks a lot.

The attempt at the Candy McCain / SuperMom Palin cult of personality that was created to counter the unstoppable roll of the Magic Negro, is not working. The Maverick and the Soccer Mom are proving to be as impotent as can be imagined. The Magic Negro is going to run away with this in November, with their help, because neither one of them has the guts to take him down. He is so corrupt, so deceitful, dirty and exposed that you would think it would be an easy task, but, nope, gosh darn it, we're just gonna say nothin' and go bake another apple pie and show off our KIA bracelets and talk about what a great team we are... Nice job. The Conservatives you're trying to appeal to aren't the lame pushovers you think they are. We don't fall for that crap, that's for those Magic Negro supporters... We want heroes. And straight shooters. And balls, really big balls....

So, we're going to have the next four years to figure out who can fill the bill to take down King Uppity The First in 2012. I'm hoping for a Romney / Tancredo ticket. Or Tancredo / Bolton match up might work. Of course, by the third year of Der Obamafuhrer's Dark Reich, he will have managed to change the Constitution so he will be leader for life, so perhaps all of this dreaming is a moot point. Perhaps our hopes will lie in the results of his calling home the military from abroad. With most of them here, still in uniform and armed, there would be enough of them to support a coup. I could handle that, as long as the reins were handed back to civilian control once the traitors from within were introduced to the local lampposts, the borders sealed and things settled down after the Bible toting, gun clinging yokels finished cleaning up here and there... gee, almost rings of 1776, doesn't it?

I have a very busy weekend ahead of me. Lot's to do around the house, some detail work to finish up on the studio, lots of leaves to rake up around the grounds, gardens to tend to, laundry, grocery shopping, baking, football and NASCAR. I get more rest at work...
No Saturday's Goth Girl again this week. I need some volunteers.
Well, I'm off to the Post Office, the recycling place and the hardware store. Have a great Saturday. Enjoy your freedom and what little disposable cash you have while you can... you'll be giving both up quite soon.

wander with me...



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