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well, I managed to do nothing on Friday, just lolled around, munching on left over pie, drinking coffee and tried to recover from the two day marathon of floor laying, cleaning up and the Thanksgiving dinner. Today, however, it's back to the grind; I got up early and ripped the shoe molding for the baseboards and just finished the first coat of primer on them. Since we're adapting the Arts and Crafts / Craftsman style for the molding, window and door casings, mantle and built in bookcase, it's not a lot of work. Everything has square surfaces and edges, no fancy shaping involved. Nice and clean and geometric. A far cry from the period style of the house we've lived with for so many years. Purists might scoff, and living in the nineteenth century is fun, but it wears on you after a while. And this is easier to maintain and clean. We're all about being laid back these day around Stately Sad Old Goth Manor...
No pictures until the room is completely done, which will be before Christmas for sure. Then you can see it with all the garland and such. It should look nice.
I've been running in and out watching a trice of Turkey Vultures attacking the turkey carcass I threw out in the back woods yesterday morning. They're pretty comical to watch. Not much to look at, but interesting to see at work.
I guess if it wasn't for them, the Corvids and the other beasties and buggies that feast on dead things, we'd be knee deep in dead stuff.
Well, back to work. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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