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After running some morning errands today, I went to the lumber yard and vexed the poor fellow in the storage area by spending an hour pulling about a hundred board feet of one by poplar for the window trims. I'm particular with my lumber, considering the king's ransom they're getting for it these days... I brought it home and froze my ass off in my unheated shop ripping it to the various widths for the trim, sanded it all, then brought it all inside and spent the past few hours cutting to length the pieces for the window headers, then fitting, gluing and nailing them together. Like I said, we're adapting the Arts and Crafts style for the room, so each header has three pieces; a base, the header and a piece of top trim. They look like this -

Ours aren't oak, though, they're poplar and they're going to be painted a linen color to match the A&C style baseboards, which, by the way, are undergoing the filling of the nail holes and touch up painting. It really never ends.
Well, I think that's all I'm going to get done tonight, I need to clean up and make something to eat and crack a bottle of '04 Liberty School Cabernet.
May you have a wonderful eve, my fellow wanderers. Fare thee well.

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