The fun part...

I spent all day yesterday priming the window sash in preparation for finish painting, they're 6 over 6, so it's a bit of work. I also primed the trim that will surround the bay window so I can finish paint and install that in a few days. Today, however, I got to do the fun part, some real woodworking, creating the Arts and Crafts trim and detail that will be on the trim piece under the window sills. Here it is all glued and nailed up, ready to finish sand and start painting.

I stood back as far as I could taking the photo, but the left side is still cut off, there's a total of five vertical brackets on each. The style of the mantle will follow suit, with a set of larger, floor to mantle shelf brackets on each side and will be made of quarter sawn oak in a traditional fumed and stained finish. I figured I'd spend the money anyway, it will be a nice touch and it's going to be the centerpiece of the room, so what the heck. I'm going to blow for the same stock for the built in bookcase over the mantle, too.
Well, I'm going to go grab a smoke and some dinner and start painting. I might actually get it done by Christmas at this rate.
Have a good one.

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