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After imposing a news and politics blackout on myself for almost a week, I find that it has done me a world of good. So much so, in fact, that I'm going to fore swear all such nonsense around these parts for the foreseeable future... I shall continue to work behind the scenes to help get this country back on it's proper course, but shall leave the punditry to those more capable and less inflammatory than myself... Not too long ago, I sort of admonished a dear blogging friend of mine, GothGuy of Gerbil Droppings, over a post of his and his response to me was that he recalled I once posted something my father said to me many years go... "be careful, or you'll become what you hate", which is sage advice that I like to dole out, but have been less than astute about following myself. Thanks for reminding me, GG.
Sad Old Goth... is going back to it's roots and what I intended this blog to be so many years ago when I first started. Not to say that current events might not slip in here once in a while, but they will certainly be looked at from my dark side of the fence and not the firebrand railings of late. It takes too much out of me and I've been making myself miserable, not to mention the effect I've had on family and friends.
So, that being said, I'm going to embark on some house cleaning around here. I'm working on a new template, reviving some of the old stuff, like Saturday's Goth Girl, a lot more of my Emeril LaGothy cooking and kitchen mayhem posts and will probably spin off my This Old Lair stuff over to Tilling By Moonlight. (like I need two blogs...).
So, stand by. Be patient with me.
Until then, my fellow wanderers, fare thee well...

wander with me...



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