gee, thanks...

to the past and present administrations for allowing the unrestricted flow of illegals from Mexico to set up shop in our country. I wonder how many of them are really here to stir up crap from behind the lines when this shit hits the fan...? The National Guard and every armed citizen in the border states needs to patrol our borders, and stop anyone who tries to enter, with the most extreme malice. How much do you want to bet that Hamas has it's blood stained fingers in this somewhere?
Welcome to the real world... do we know where all these illegals are right now, at this very minute? How many of them are in gangs in the border cities? In LA, or Miami or San Diego or even DC or New York? How many of them are available, at the first hint of conflict, to raise arms against American citizens? Do we know that the Mexican military is really, willfully, working against the Mexican drug cartels? Maybe they're working with them and building a quarter million plus sized army to come across our border and attack. How many American citizens are going to be killed because of the lack of border policy?
If this prospect doesn't terrify you, then you deserve what happens to you. Me? I'm armed and available to defend our land. Are you?
By Bast, I can't wait for a military coup...

Touch me...



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