the beat goes on...

just got back from the Big Orange Box, where I picked up cheap little ceiling light for the room under the stairs, a lighted switch, some gang boxes and a TV cable plate. As long as I've got the room gutted, I'm putting in stuff I've hemmed and hawed about for years. Just finished putting the kitchen cable TV line through the ceiling and wall and now it exits in a nice wall connection, right behind the TV on the counter. No more fifteen feet of coax running along baseboard and over the counter top. After I finish this little break, I'm going to install and wire up the new light fixture and switch, then that's that for today.
Tomorrow will be clean up day, then trimming and fitting a piece of OSB for the floor of the little hideaway, then I can go out and find some new paneling for the walls and ceiling. I'm looking for something cheap that looks like wainscoting or bead board, preferable white. I have enough trim left over from the bathroom remodeling project two years ago for baseboards and trim around the inside of the door.
Never a moment's rest around this grim old pile.
Back to work.

go ahead, make your day...



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