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I'm a day late and dollar short on this, which he would probably find something funny in, but I just need to say a few words about the passing of Soupy Sales...

Soupy's humor was staple fare in our house, even before The Soup Sales Show, back to when he hosted Lunch with Soupy, a show where kids would sit in front of the tube, eat their lunch with Soupy and listen to stories, watch cartoons, and be entertained for a half hour by someone who could make you laugh and smile by approaching you on your level of humor. The Soupy Sales Show, although derided by some, was a masterpiece. Simple, direct humor. No violence, except for the flurry of pies that ended up in Soupy's face or sometimes on the camera's lens. No overtly blue humor. No sexual humor. Just funny stuff. One liners. Set ups. Gags. Blackouts. All the classical types of stage and screen humor. Stuff that made you laugh just because it was funny, nothing more. It was all great fun. But the thing I always remember about watching Soupy was his ever present smile. He always made you feel that he was having as good a time as you were, that he knew some of his act and jokes were stale, or were even bombing, but he didn't care, he was having fun and you were having fun and that's what seemed only to matter to him. Soupy was one of those once in a lifetime bright spots I feel fortunate to have encountered. You never sat down to watch Soupy expecting anything special, just to be entertained and he knew just how to do that. He wouldn't make it in today's world of what passes for humor, and that's not a put down, that's high praise.
Thanks, Soupy. If there is a heaven and that's where he went, pie in the sky has a new meaning there today.

go ahead, make your day...



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