things change...

Yesterday morning I was moaning about not have the motivation to do anything and I ended up being so busy that, by the time the day was done, I'd nary the minute to blog. After that one last cup of coffee, I trekked out to the Post Office and recycling center, then hit the bank for a spot of cash and headed to the local hardware store. All I needed was one grounding clip for another electrical project I'm going to be working on. I figured I couldn't buy just one and resigned myself to having to purchase at least a blister pack with a dozen or so, but the local place only had a box of 100, with a price of almost eight dollars, which was surprising since they seem to specialize in stuff that the hard core DIY'er would be looking for, not a contractor. Doubly disappointed, for the little new-punk chick that usually works the checkout on the weekends was not in for some reason, I doubled back into town and headed to the dreaded Big Orange Box. At that hour, on a Saturday, the place is usually just playing host to the local contractors, so it's not that bad. I headed to the electrical supply area and what do I find? All they have is the same box of 100 clips, but on sale for two ninety nine. I guess is was pay over three dollars, with tax, for one stupid grounding clip and resign the other ninety nine to that strange place where things like that seem to disappear to when they end up in one of my hardware cabinets. As I was standing there trying to steel myself to this end, I notices a small plastic bag laying on the shelf, half hidden by the other bags of connectors, wire nuts and other exotic stuff electric and I grabbed it. Lo and behold, a bag of 10 grounding clips... I scooped it up, went and mooched around the lumber department for a while, pricing some stuff for some cabinets I want to make, then headed to the check out. That little bag ended up costing me over two dollars, so I still ended up paying twenty some odd cents for one clip, but at least I'll not feel quite as bad when I can't find the other nine the next time I need one, rather than lamenting the loss of ninety nine...
The rest of the day consisted of sanding, priming and painting one of the window sills in the bathroom, which had suffered a bit of scratching from the window air conditioner, and, once the sill was painted, the rest of the window trim looked a bit weary, so I painted that too. Now it looks like I'll be painting all the trim in the bathroom soon... I then made a new shelf for over the coat rack in the little room under the stairs, took some photos of more stuff I'm trying to sell on Craigslist, and posted it on there; sanded some of the spackle work in the spare bedroom; took a ride over to my youngest daughter's place, hung out with her and her beau for a while, then brought back some furniture they are donating to one of our friends in need; made some dinner; baked a few dozen cookies; cleaned the kitchen; kicked back for an hour, then went to bed, by then it was after ten.
Today, it's grocery shopping and yard work and NASCAR / football. The thumb gets a good workout on the remote this time of year.
Gotta run, want to make it to the store by seven.

go ahead, make your day...



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