gettin' there...

Been a busy week, both at work and at wood working. Here's all the bits and pieces, with the assembled cross piece at the top.

Spent the better part of today assembling, gluing and screwing together into this...

That's the three major base components clamped together and dropped, more or less, into place. It's not squared up yet or trimmed to the exact height and the shelf is not on yet.

Tonight it's installing the blocking to keep it all square, a quick final hand sanding with some 300 grit, then the staining begins. After that's done and the finish is applied, I'll do the final assembly of the base, drag it back in here and do a final fit, trim the bottom as necessary so the top of the shelf lines up with the bottom floor of the bookcase (some 5/16" dowels will help with the alignment and keeping in check), attaching the nailers to the wall, attaching the shelf and final installation. Probably be finishing that up Wednesday night, but it will be in place for Thanksgiving.

Well, back to work. Much to do and no time to do it.

go ahead, make your day...

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