I'm almost looking forward...

to getting back to the office tomorrow. Almost...
I'm beat. These holidays take a lot out of me, especially when I've spent several weeks beforehand finishing up a project. I really think I'm getting to the age where I need to pace myself a bit better.
I pulled the mantle out today, attached the top and put the first coat of the final finish on it. Also attached to stringers to the wall so I can nail it into place when it's done. Then add the trim to the bookcase, then that's that. I'm going to fill the bookcase with my collection of vintage books about New Jersey, my collection of Molly Pitcher and Battle of Monmouth stuff and a few other things that are near and dear, like my grandmother's old silver dinner bell. I think I'll make that Arts and Crafts style mantle clock before I do the Roycroft case, just for fun.
Well, time to chow down on some more left overs.

go ahead, make your day...



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