1. can you live in a world that is smaller than you are?

2. can poets lie?

3. seek your gods in small places...

4. where do dreams go when they die?
is there a place like the mythical
elephant's burial ground
full of dead dreams?
piles of forgotten bright ideas,
shining like so many
bleached bones in the sun...
ivory passions, stacked one
upon the other,
promising wealth, but too heavy
to be borne by our mortal selves.
maybe dreams really don't die...
maybe the just run away,
like ignored and abused children.
maybe, one day, we'll see them
on the backs of milk cartons...
"Have you seen this dream?"

5. love is like water

6. knowledge kills wonder

7. in the days of vinyl records,
you would sometimes tape a nickel
to the top of the tone arm
to stop the needle from skipping
in the grooves...
maybe I should tape a nickel to
my back.


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