I was going to write this last night, after I got done undecorating the Christmas tree, but offer my apologies and explanation as follows.
Ya know, they just don't grow them like they used to. I cut this one down myself and kept it constantly watered and fed the entire time it was up (16 days...) but it turned itself into the stuff that home insurance companies dread, an indoor tinder pile, draped with electric cords and lights. I spent two hours last night in strange ritual... remove some decorations to the sound of dry needles falling, then picking same out of my flesh, then having a sip of a Stoley Martini... repeat endlessly for two hours and by ten pm, I had this:
1 large round metal container full of antique Christmas decorations, destined for the attic;
4,565 (by actual count...) minute, sappy puncture wounds in hands, arms and face;
a 5' diameter ring of pine needles on the living room carpet;
1 almost naked Christmas tree skeleton;
1 half empty bottle of 80 proof Stoley;
1 warm and fuzzy glow.
I deposited the Halloween Christmas Nightmare Skeleton Tree Beast outside in one fast move, set to work with broom, dustpan and vacuum and when it was all over and done with, the afore mentioned celebrated Empty Corner was back.
I can only do things like this when I'm alone, as they turn into something to look back on and laugh about. If anyone else was home with me, I would have used that as an excuse to bitch and moan and would have missed all the fun... especially the martini part... and the cat rolling the the pile of pine needles (GREEN MARTIAN PORCUPINE CAT MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!).
Ah, well, such is the real stuff of life.
have to run, be well.


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