a short Stoley on the rocks and a short thought tonight.
I need to get one of those small pocket tape recorders that were so popular in the less digital days of our lives. When I'm driving to and from work, I think of the most damn interesting things that I would like to tell you, but by the time I get to sit down here, I can recollect only fleeting rememberences of formerly profound ideas... hence this;
Road signs. Not street signs, but road signs. Who ever that long forgotten soul is that decided that the signs announcing exits on the highways should be that particular shade of green knew what the hell he or she was doing. I'm thinking that person's time spent in the study of color psychology was time very well spent. When I'm driving on the freeways or interstates, there is nothing so reassuring as seeing those big green signs in the distance, coming up to you to announce just where you can go if you only just Exit 1 Mile Ahead..
I drive the same road every day to and from my job. I know, just by the lay of the land, where I am. I have seen those signs go by, twice a day, five, six and even seven days a week sometimes, and I never tire of reading those names. I've never been to most of those places. Maybe someday I will. But I never get tired of seeing those good old green signs. They are comfortable. They are easy to read. They invoke a sense of well being, especially when I get to "my" sign. It doesn't say much... "Jackson / Freehold"... but what it says to me is, "You're Amost Home". And that's not a bad sign to see.
I wish you peace, a good night and a green sign of your own.


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