Well, hello there...
You just can't stay away, can you?
I was planning on a major rant tonight, but by the time I got home, I was somewhat calmed down. Actually, why bore you with my grief...?
Tonight begins a bold experiment, a link to a photo page. This was inspired by finding an old photograph while looking for something else of ultimatley lesser consequence. Thus, I present...
Scenes of Horror!
You might find this amusing.
Note the glassy eyes and strange hair. The wide eyed fellow with the pasty face, in the center of the photo, is my friend John. He is not only lit, he is also bewildered by how quickly the rest of us polished off his cherished bottle of ancient malt scotch that he brought back from a walking tour of the British Isles. Too bad, he should have known better. The quiet looking fellow on the right is Dave. He is a famous jazz guitarist now. The guy standing up in the back is Bob, one of many good friends I have, all, curiously, named Bob. He fell over shortly after this photo was taken.
I need some food now, so I bid you peace and good night.
(I swear I don't know what's up with the time stamp on this... it's really 8:20 PM)


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