Happy Valentine's Day.
sorry for the gap in the story. i've been recovering from some sort of gastro-intestinal malady. very unpleasant. the only solid food i've eaten in the last 48 hours have been a handful of wheat crackers and a baked potato. it started at 3:38 wednesday morning when i woke up feeling, well, queesy. i got as far as swinging my feet over the side of the bed when the contents of my stomach made for the closest exit with a velocity not unlike that of, say, George W. Bush suddenly waking up in the front row of a Barbara Streisand concert. (sorry Bab's... great pipes, lousy politics. every wonder why the great spirit made you such a looker???)
anyway, it looks like this weekend will be perfect for editing and posting the next few chapters of the story. i hope you can hold out that long. i know it's been uncomfortable balanced on the edge of your seat like that...
stay warm, enjoy the snow.


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