I have, yet again, another killer headache. I think it's from not eating all day and not sleeping well the past few nights.
Nightmares. Can you believe it? I have had horrid dreams the past few nights that have stirred me from my sleep.
On Sunday night I dreamt that I was trying to go to sleep and dead people kept coming into my house and standing around. They didn't speak or move, they were just standing around. Nothing horrible, but disturbing, none the less. Then last night I had one about a guy putting a sign up on the top of my house(!?) and he got electrocuted and all burned up and fell into my driveway. It has to be all the horror stories about finding what's left of the crew of the Columbia scattered all over Texas. I have, like so many other people, become somewhat desensitized to death due to media overexposure, but this really bothered me. I hate to say it, but it feels good to be upset about something like this now and then. Makes me feel a bit more human then usual. And makes me appreciate how dangerous traveling into space is. All astronauts are heroes in my book and they deserve to be treated as such, whether living or dead.
I'm going to go eat dinner now. I might be back.


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