i'm tired... from shoveling snow... and worrying about snow... and looking at snow...
i shoveled so much snow over the course of sunday and monday that when i finally sat down on monday night and closed my eyes, the latent image of snow was imprinted in my mind and i could see it behind my eyelids. very strange.
so, sorry for the lack of interesting reading. one would think that all of that physical labor would refresh the mind, but, nope.
i've tried to edit the next few chapters of Treasure of the Sierra Madre, East and all i keep doing is fucking them up, so guess what?
you get a little break until my editing abilities return. anyway, after doing all that shoveling, the last thing i really, really want to do is edit a story about shoveling... get my drift? (sorry...)
so... there you go. something to look forward to.
i'm going to go make something to eat now, and maybe, unless the food calms me down a bit, i'll be back soon with a little rant for you all...


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