so... it's early Sunday morning. I've been eating, drinking and smoking stuff that I shouldn't have been...
the last thing I will probably feel like doing tomorrow is staring into a monitor, so here is another chapter of the latest story.
More to come on Monday.
oh, yeah, remember...
it's a thin line between love and hate...

Treasure of the Sierra Madre, East.

Chapter three

“So… what’s the plan then?” I asked after a minute of silence.
Jack remained mute, leaning back in his seat with his arms folded across his chest. It was obvious he had heard all this previously. His sole interest in this adventure was to make sure he wasn’t the only one having all the fun. Henry looked up over his folded hands and went on,
“I thought maybe you two could come over next Saturday, maybe around four o’clock, so it’s not too hot and we can do it then. I know exactly where the old pit is. It’s exactly twenty-one paces from the back corner of the barn, half way between the barn and the property line. I remember it was about eight feet around and about three or four feet deep. You can actually see where the ground is still sunk in a bit, even after all these years. Shouldn’t take too long with all of us at it. What do you think?”
I could feel myself biting my lip and realized I was staring off into space, letting all this sink in. I topped off my coffee with what was left in the pot and lit my last cigarette.
“I guess I’m in,” I heard myself say before I could stop myself from saying it. I looked at Henry, he responded with a smile. Jack remained silent, but his little grin and slightly widened eyes told me I had taken his cast and the hook was set. I guess I was a treasure hunter now, like it or not. I turned the talk to other matters.
“Now that that’s settled, do you guys want some more coffee? I’ve got some pound cake left if you want some”
“No thanks,” said Henry, “I’ve gotta go do some stuff in the shop. You ready to go, Jack?”
“Yeah, sure, let’s go,” Jack answered. He turned to me. “We’ll see you later. I’ll stop by next Saturday and pick you up. Let’s go Henry,”
I walked them to the front door and watched them as they strolled down the walk and slowly faded into the edge of the halo from the porch light and into the night they disappeared.


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