what the fuck...???
if i don't make some really, really big change in my life real soon, i think i'm going to pop like one of those engorged ticks you find on your dog's belly in the summer. i suggest that, if you are a regular visitor to this lamest of all blogs, you might wear a nor'easter to protect yourself from the impending explosion and/or expulsion of viscera, vile oaths and blatant rants and raves... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
sorry. and, no, i don't feel much better now. ninty-nine percent of my life sucks right now and i'm tired of pretending everything is all rosey and fine. it's not. i'm facing the total withdrawal that undoubtedly come, probably sooner than later and that makes it worse. so, if you think i'm moping around more than usual, and there is a lack of idle chit chat, don't take it personally. it's me, not you.


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