What is it with people who can't resist using a public forum to thrust their political views on a captive audience?
When I'm out trying to have a good time, I really don't want to have you shoving your personal politics down my throat.
I was out at a coffee house Friday night with my friends and one of the performers felt it was necessary to comment on her opinions of the Iraq situation and President Bush's State of the Union address. In answer to her question, yes, I've heard of Dresden. I've also heard of New York. Civilians are civilians. It's one thing for civilians to be harmed during military action. It's quite another to harm civilians intentionally in terrorists attacks. Collateral deaths as the result of proximity to precision bombing are worse than intentionally murdering unsuspecting civilians by ramming airplanes into office buildings or blowing them up in cafes or bus stops? I don't fucking think so. Keep your bleeding heart bullshit opinions to yourself. That way I can keep mine to myself and you won't have to read stuff like this in here.
Saddam is an outright murderer of his own people. He has practiced chemical warfare on his own people. Over 200,000 Iraqi citizens have been murdered in his name. He has strove to "cleanse" his country of the Kurdish section in northern Iraq by using nerve gas on them. He has drained the marshes of northern Iraq by diverting the natural water flow into Lake Saddam, a huge artificial basin created for that sole purpose, causing an entire culture of marsh dwelling Arabs, dependant on those marshes for their life, to move into refuge camps and starve. He sought to take over the oil fields of Kuwait for his own gain. He has set up training camps for various terrorist organizations within his borders. I could go on, but you get the picture.
I don't want a war. I have my own personal reservations about it. That's all you need to know. That's all I derserve to tell you.
If you want to know more, just ask me... or, I guess I could pick up a guitar and that would give me license to spout off in your face... but that's not my style.


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