I'm getting psyched for next Monday.
I go under the knife.
I am not looking forward to it.
I am aprehensive, at best.
I hope I get over it before then.

It is making me feel less than witty.
It is fracturing my thoughts.
It is making me write in very short

I'm hoping that I can use the time at
home to level out a bit.
If the weather is nice, I intend to
to sit outside in the sun.
If the weather is not nice, I intend
to sit in the dark.
Whatever it is, I intend to work hard
at doing nothing but relaxing.

If the usual stir craziness attacks,
I will force myself back to work, pending
being able to drive the distance.
This house gets very small when
you live here all the time.
I've seen all the rooms.

I have to go fix a mangled phone
wire upstairs now.
I could live without most of it.
Lights are nice, so I don't
step on the cat, but I really
don't need a phone or tv.
Radio is ok.
Computer is very ok.

Have a nice night.
Dream sweet dreams.


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