guess what?
chapters six and seven of the thrilling tome, Treasure of the Sierra Madre, East have been edited and are ready to be cast upon the unsuspecting public, but... they are on my other computer, which crapped out this weekend!
Oh, the humanity...
so, yer gonna have to wait until I can figure out what the heck is wrong with it so I can copy them off.

Latest health update...
I only threw up twice in the past four days! Of course, I haven't eaten much, either.
I'm off to the doctor tomorrow to find out:
1. why I can't keep solid food in my stomach.
2. what this strange, painful lump in my abdomen is all about.
3. if this is something that can be resolved, or if I need to finish this damn story in a hurry....
stay tuned, updates as they occur.


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