this old lair...

All winter long I didn't have the money or ambition to do any work
on stately old goth manor...
Now that the nice weather is here, it seems that, rather than being
outside working on the grounds, I'm having to play catch up on
inside projects. over the weekend I;
1. spent hours on the roof looking for a leak that I didn't find
2. drained the cover of the pool so I can open it in time
for the Memorial Day festivities
3. spackled and painted my dining room ceiling
4. put a new ceiling fan in the living room
Tonight when I got home, I touched up some areas of the staircase
walls and the upstairs landing and hallway that needed some paint.
tomorrow I am going to replace all of the downstairs heating grates
and put up some molding...
I figure at this rate I will get to the property sometime in july...
All this on top of writer's block. I have a head full of ideas, but the
connection between brain and pen is broken, so you may end up
having to read drivel like this for a while until I either get pissed off
or totally frustrated and the juices start flowing again. sorry.

stand by, there is always the chance I will have some home
maintenance horror stories...

have a nice evening.


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