vampires are everywhere..!!!

well, well, well...
I had a great time last night in Philadelphia with The Bloodhound.
We went to see one of the offerings of the 12th Annual Philadelphia Film Festival's "Danger After Dark" series, a modern goth vampire film "Sangre Eterna" ("Eternal Blood"), an outstanding effort by young Chilean director Jorge Olguin. A brief synopsis:
A group of goth college students get deeply involved in a vampire role playing game called Eternal Blood.
As the film goes on, the game becomes reality, and it absorbs the players one by one and drags them into a world of darkness. That's all I'm going to tell you, because any more would give a lot away.
The director was on hand to explain a little bit about what he had to go through to make the film, from working with the Chilean government's film board, the difficulties of creating a balls to the wall horror film in a country where it has not been done before, to his pleasure that people actually came to see it and his humble thanks.
Then the lights went down and it was rock and roll!
From the incredible opening scene of a street battle between a trio of vampires and shotgun toting priests and nuns, to the ending with it's incredible twists, there wasn't a moment you could take your eyes off the screen.
Groovy soundtrack of Latin American hardcore and goth bands, lots of blood, gore and fangs!
Not to mention hot goth chicks galore! (not only on the screen)... Whew!
Lots of shocks, a few good laughs and a lot of good old bloody fun. This one might replace The Lost Boys as my favorite fang film!
Jorge is working with a distributor to bring this to DVD sometime this year, so keep your dilated pupils on the lookout for this one.
Gotta run... be well.


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