where are you..?

Whilst visiting the girls over at Mad Pony today, I discovered a neat little tracker they have added to their page.
It is called Guest Map. I have added a button just below the Blogger button in the left hand banner. I would be really interested to find out just where you all are from, who you are and what you think of all this. Of course, only if you think it worthy of your time...
Thanks, Lauren and Kristen!
Oh, yeah, thanks to Mad Pony mom, too!
(Please let me apologize for the pop-ups that come with the Guest Map window, they're not mine...)

I've been suffering with severe writer's block lately, much like a Berlin Wall of the mind... lot's of good ideas on the wrong side of the wall and when they try to cross over, they get mowed down in a hail of hot lead, spewed from the Kalashnikov's of the hand/mind non-coordination border patrol... sorry.

Maybe later after I have something to eat and listen to my new Songs: Ohia CD.



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