that's the sound of my creativity sleeping
the sleep of the dead...
held fast in the arms of Morpheus...
I've been busting my ass working on
stately sad old goth... manor for the past week,
trying to fix stuff that fell apart over the winter and
do some serious cleaning out. This coming weekend
I'm going to put a new roof on my kitchen. The weekend after
that I'm going to replace the siding on the southern wall
of my living room... it's had "temporary" siding on there
for about 10 years... I think it's time. Then I need to
rebuild the gutter system on the front of the place,
it's the type of rain gutter that's built into the eaves,
lots of ornate trim and corbels, which are in serious
need of replacement... which means lots of gluing and
laminating wood together, since they don't make wood
that thick anymore (!?!?!?). Time to tune up the band saw,
Of course, there is still the new roof on the front porch,
repointing the brick chimneys (I love working with brick and
mortar 30 above the ground...) All this, and getting the
grounds in shape as well. Have you ever seen those photographs
of the battlefields in World War One, with all the splintered trees and
holes in the ground? My property makes them look like
a park. Winter was not very nice to the grounds this year.
Also, I need to regrade my driveway and put down
some new crushed gravel. Oh, yeah, almost forgot about
digging out the old brick foundation from the barn that is no
more. At least the perennial beds survived the winter almost
intact, they just need some thinning out and such. The annual
beds have been turned and are ready for planting in about two weeks.
And... after I get all this done, it's time to redecorate the parlor and
the master bed chamber...
Jeez, I'm making myself tired just writing about it...

I do have something in the works, which I will spring on you soon...
a neat little photo essay of my trip to the hallowed ground of
Giants Stadium on NFL Draft Day. Yes, the sad old goth.. is a fan
of football... nothing like watching a bunch of huge guys killing
each other over an inflated porcine bladder...

so, stay tuned. If you haven't added yourself to my Guest Map,
please do so when you get the chance.

be well.


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