how cool...
can one cat be, man...? You're looking at the late, and oh, so great Mr. Ben Webster, my very, very favorite tenor sax blower.. I grew up listening to this man and just came across a gem of his, the Soulville album, recorded October 1957. I'm listening to it right now, and, man, can this cat coax some shit out of a piece of bent brass. This is a recording he did with his quintet, which was comprised of the wonderful Oscar Peterson on piano, Herb Ellis on guitar, Ray Brown on bass and Stan Levy on drums.
Check out that picture.
"Man, I just got done blowing my heart out, I just wanna kick here, beat this heater and finish this scotch, then go hang with the ladies at the bar, so get the fuck outta here..."
Check him out sometime, it will do your soul good...


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