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Looks like this insanity will be a good bone to chew on for a while...
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I feel one hell of a rant coming on...

Peaceful Playgrounds

Officials at a school district in Pennsylvania are launching a “Peaceful Playground Project” to cut down on competition and conflict during the daily free-for-all at elementary schools there, reports the Bucks County Courier Times.

Officials at Neshaminy School District will install "peace mazes" at its eight elementary schools. Kids on the verge of violence will be asked to wander through the mazes’ seven steps of "conflict resolution" and think about their anger for a spell.

Team captains are banned, as is the game tag. The latter will be replaced with something called "Motion Pictures" in which photographs of different points around the school playground are placed in a basket and kids will be expected to pluck out a photo and scramble off to tag it before returning. Team captains are also banned, as are any sports that don't stress inclusiveness.

Neshaminy wants to change recess into "purposeful playtime," said Marcy
Spigler, the district's violence prevention coordinator.


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