it's Sunday, June 19, 1938...

and Evart, his sister Judy and their dog Toby pose for a picture on the front porch of their mother's house. It's Father's Day, but not for them... their father was killed in a barge accident nine years ago. Judging by the shadows, it looks like it's just about noon. Evart looks like he just came from church. Judy looks like she's hoping that a casting director for the next Tarzan movie might happen by... Toby looks happy that he has a roof and regular meals and someone to hug him.
Just a tiny little slice of Sunday, June 19, 1938. The photo looks like one that might have been taken by an Agfa or Kodak box camera. If so, that tiny little slice of Sunday, June 19, 1938 took about one sixtieth of a second to be recorded for all time. What else happened on Sunday, June 19, 1938...?

On Sunday, June 19, 1938,a cloudburst near Custer Creek, Montana (near Miles City) caused a train wreck killing 48 persons. An estimated 4 to 7 inches of rain deluged the head of the creek that evening and water flowing through the creek weakened the bridge. As a result, a locomotive and 7 passenger cars plunged into the swollen creek. One car, a tourist sleeper, was completely submerged.

On Sunday, June 19, 1938, NJ State Trooper Vincent C. Vosbien succumbed to injuries from a motorcycle accident one year earlier while on duty in Raritan Borough. He had been with the agency for one year.

On Sunday, June 19, 1938, in the old Olympic stadium of Colombes, near Paris, 50,000 spectators witnessed the triumph of Piola's Italy over Sarosi's Hungary in the final of soccer's third World Cup.

On Sunday, June 19, 1938, "Cosmic Corkscrew", Isaac Asimov's first story, dealing with a view of time as a helix where time travelers could cut across from one ring to an adjacent ring, was completed.

On Sunday, June 19, 1938, in Henderson County, Texas, Ella Elizabeth Honey, born July 27, 1899, died.

On Sunday, June 19, 1938, Evart, Judy and their dog Toby posed for a picture on their mother's front porch, at just about noon.



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