this old lair...

so... I put the new roof on the breakfast nook of stately sad old goth manor this weekend...
it wasn't as bad as I feared.
here's a picture after I took all the old shingles off.

and... here I am, running one of about a hundred decking screws into the old underlayment.
doesn't that look like fun???
note the cool no socks look...

here's the new roof!! pretty cool, huh? still have a bunch of siding to replace and rehang
the rain gutters... and replace that really attractive mid 60's storm door.. it's a real beauty, huh?
I found a place that manufactures period style screen doors and will be ordering one in a week
or so.

next weekend... replace the siding on the living room wall... oh, joy.

later, some early spring garden pictures.

see ya.


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