wait... what's that i hear...

why, it sounds like the far off beating of drums and some sort of rally cry... I can almost make it out... YES! it's the battle call of the minions of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, on the march once again!!
Gathering, no doubt to uphold the honor of Latin American coffee bean picking peasants, no matter where they might be plying their trade! All because of the return of the Hero of Caffeine Addicts everywhere...
Senor Juan Valdez!!! Oh, welcome back, our god, our savior, our purveyor of the black brew that keeps bloggers with twitching fingers up all night, hurling words and barbs in all directions! Oh, thank you, you wonderful, serape draped, chino wearing, cheap South of The Border Gift Shop Hat wearing old soul... how we have missed you and your faithful braying compadre! (what will PETA have to say about that poor, overloaded mule, being forced to impersonate a burro...I shudder to think...)
I lift a cup of hot and black in your honor! I scald my tongue and palate in toast to you!!
No doubt you will not tread among the lowly for long... those that have taken it upon themselves to protect the innocent and shelter the great unwashed from the scourge of stereotypical entendre that is sure to sweep over the land, will no doubt prevail! Oh, the horrors!!! How many of those of Latin American descent will be heading for the nearest cliff, to hurl themselves off in a great weeping mass, like so many gaily clad lemmings...? but I degress...
I'm so very, very, very glad the Columbian Coffee organization has had the courage to put their balls where their beans are and bring this icon back into the light where he belongs. Maybe this will be the start of a trend... can a return of the Jolly Green Giant and Josephine the Plumber be far behind? It blows the mind!
I'm worn out... I'm going to go make some coffee... Thank you Juan, and welcome back, no matter how short your stay!!


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